Proof of concept designs

Conceptual Web Designs and Development

1.pertaining to concepts or to the forming of concepts.

All great ideas begin with a concept. An epiphany. That moment of clarity. They then begin to take shape and with hard work , diligence and perseverance we achieve our original goals of doing what said cant be done not done before.

Our conceptual redesigns are visions of what we would make if they idea was recreated or allowed to progress with the help of new technology and some good old fashion imagination. These are just some fun ideas that we do for the what if factor.

Sometimes these are ideas that have come to fruition and are currently in use by clients, friends and other developers, but the true reason for them are flexing those idea muscles that need exercise from time to time.


This is a Drupal 7 based conceptual website that was built to display my knowledge and experience with platform. Drupal is a CMS (content management system) similar to WordPress and Joomla. is the ultimate repository for the preservation of the mix tape. In the "hey days" of the 70s, 80s and 90s, before the introduction of compact discs and mp3 players, "mix tapes" and cassette format dominated the audio landscape.

This is a conceptual design of the Jersey City Board of Education website which currently runs of a Joomla installation. Now before all the Joomla supporters go off the deep end, let me say that I am impressed with the Joomla platform and have developed with it in the past, but most of my clients and projects have been built in WordPress.

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