Jersey City Board of Education

The Jersey City Board of Education Conceptual Website

This is a conceptual design of the Jersey City Board of Education website which currently runs of a Joomla installation.  Now before all the Joomla supporters go off the deep end, let me say that I am impressed with the Joomla platform and have developed with it in the past, but most of my clients and projects have been built in WordPress.

So this article will not go into the debate of which is better, but rather to show you my ability as a designer and developer with an abbreviated web version of the vision I see for the site.  Again, this conceptual redesign is only my opinion and submit it to you for review as future clients or fellow developers.

Built on the WordPress platform 4.2 and running with  a MySQL 4.5 database, it has custom theme modifications and artwork.

You can take a look at the conceptual site here.

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